Photos courtesy Antique Boat Museum and the Thousand Islands Museum                  

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img/Calumet Island winter c. 1885, House was torn down and material used to construct a house on Picton Island.



The Emery Family sitting on the steps of their first cottage.

Photo courtesy of the Corbin's River Heritage, Clayton, NY


Emery and Family aboard the 98' "Nina" with Calumet Island in the background.

Photo courtesy Thousand Islands Museum


The luxurious New Frontenac Hotel

Photo courtesy Thousand Islands Museum 


Portico of the luxurious New Hotel Frontenac, Round Island c. 1905

Photo courtesy of the Thousand Islands Museum

Mr. Emery purchased Round Island in about 1898 and immediately began to rebuild the Hotel into one of the most luxurious summer resorts in the country, the now famous Hotel Frontenac.

Scan courtesy of the Joe Parker Collection

Mr. Emery took over the Goodwin & Co., tobacco company from his Uncle Eben Goodwin in about 1873. Later it would merge into the American Tobacco Company, commonly known as the Tobacco Trust.


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